Ed (short for Edward) is the main protagonist. He is a genetically engineered teen (around age 14) in a blue costume, created from the instructions of an ancient alien artifact found by Ol' Skool. Ed works for Ol' Skool in his Dojo Delivery Courier service along with his other friends: Burn, Deetz, Fizz and Loogie.

Personality Edit

Ed is typically heroic, always wanting to save the world from evil. Ed can be a little dense and gullible sometimes, so his friends tries their best to help. Ed sometimes let things go quite easily, and kind of snatches away the credits of his friends' work, especially Deetz's. Due to Ed having been created and not born and raised by parents, he severely lacks any practical knowledge regarding common everyday things. Some examples of this is that he does not know what sports or parties are. Sometimes Ed just takes too literally the words or phrases, as he did in the first episode when he believed that the balls were basquets in basquetball. Ed´s friends adjust to this explaining to him the meaning of the things, although at first, they were a little annoyed. Ed seems to have developed a small crush on Deetz, but still, he is not ready to admit it yet.

Appearance Edit

He wear a bright blue costume with a blue-and-black helmet with elbow and knee pads. When he is not saving the world, he appears to wear a normal, casual t-shirt and reveals his spiky black hair.

Equipment Edit

Ed's priamry vehicle is a hoverboard. He also has an integrated AI program in his suit called Torch.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Since Ed was genetically created, he has a multitude of abilities sealed within his genetic makeup.

Future Vision: Ed's powers is the ability to see in the future. His visions tends happens at any moment, but a main cause of them are usually when he is near an artifact. sometimes they are influenced by Ed´s items.