Background Information

Tv Shows: Get Ed
Portrayed By: L. Dean Ifill

Character Information

Other Names: Burn, The Warrior
Personality:prideful, arrogant, caring, loyal, serious, athletic, commanding, brave
Occupation: De Facto Leader of Dojo Crew
Affiliations: Good
Goal: To Deliver Packages with his team and have Dojo remain on top of the courier system; To stop Bedlam from taking over Progress city
Home: Dojo Deliveries
Allies: Ed, Fizz, Deets, Loogie, Dr. Catfish, Ol' Skool, Torch
Enemies: Bedlam, Bedlam's minions, DNA clones, Korra, Crouch
Minions: None
Likes: Watching Sports, Being Number one, Riding his motorcycle, Getting the Package Delivered, Being Right, Spending time with his friends
Dislikes: competition, losing, joking around, apologizing
Fate: Stays with the Dojo Crew and helps deliver package and repair the damage Bedlam has commited upon Progress City
Quote: "Ah, Scrap!"