Anthony Ol' Skool, also known as just Ol' Skool or Tony, is the founder and owner of the Dojo Delivery courier service.

Early Life Edit

Several years ago, in his youth, Ol' Skool was a student of the Zephyr monk monastery. During his time there, he mastered the way of the mind. Most notably was his knowledge of the "Static" and its presence. He also obtained his nickname "Hot Dog" by his sensei, a nickname Ol' Skool didn't like.

Ol' Skool was also a member of the courier service, Bolt. Bolt was one of the most revered and most efficient delivery service to ever exist in Progress City. One of the members of Bolt decided to create a delivery guideline for which all members would have to follow. The rules in the guideline did not fit well with all the members of Bolt, Ol' Skool included and caused major declines in their deliveries.

At some point in time, Ol' Skool was business partners with Simon Bedlam. It is unknown as to what that business was but it could be said that a conflict of interest or goals could be the reason for them ending their partnership.